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How to Conserve Power on a Single Battery Charge?
There are many features that your camcorder performs which consume more battery power. The absolute worst is using a camcorder light that is powered from your camcorder battery. We recommend using a camcorder light that is powered from its own power supply or battery.

Another is by never rewinding or fast-forwarding your tapes on your camcorder. Before you leave your house, cue up your tapes to the desired location with your camcorder plugged to the AC power supply.
How can I maximize the battery power?
To maximize the time you get per battery charge, don't use the zoom. It is much more effective, from both a composition point of view as well as from saving power, to physically stop the camcorder and walk closer to your image and start shooting again. However, if you have to zoom, do not zoom as much. Get your shot and stay with it.
What effect will using the ViewFinder as opposed to the LCD screen have on my battery?
Another way to maximize your camcorder's power is by not using the LCD panels that are found on most camcorders. The LCD screen are extremely power hungry. If you can, compose and frame your shots using the viewfinder that does not require as much power. Another way to conserve battery power is by not using image stabilization. Image stabilization, whether electronic or optical, does use some power. In addition, if you do not use image stabilization, you will be forced to use good videotaping techniques, which means using a tripod! No image stabilization technology, no matter how sophisticated, comes close to the professional steadiness you get when properly using a good tripod.
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